Why Rawasy MIT ?

Rawasy Media & Informational Technology With +24 years of experience in designing & programming websites, SMS news programs, money transfer system, web security system, TV administration system, monitoring system, and more which are assisting our costumer's projects to grow. Not only do we offer programming and designing multiple systems, but we also offer minor, major, and reselling hosting plans. We do all of this with love and efficiency. Our touch is magic; You only need to send a message and everything will be yours faster than you ever thought.

Official Web Design

Now through Rawasy system, you can draw your dreams and aspirations and determine your appearance, which suits you, you do not put forward what you dream and aspire to the cadre. The

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Affording our agents a fascinating website including their trading goals via Internet, leaving them on the sky speechless, is our jobs. We provide experienced & hard-working empl

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You are welcomed. Rawasy.net is honored to host your website to its servers and consider it as a dear guest to servetake care of, and provide all of its needs through your request on

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We are working the most effecient way to raise the roof in designing websites & developing trading business via Internet, which is leading in the Gulf, through affording hi-tech

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Our hosting plans

Host your site with the highest standards of quality and security nonstop. Only choose the appropriate plan and we will take care of everything else for you

The preliminary


19.9 $ / Year

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59.9 $ / Year

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189.9 $ / Year

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429.9 $ / Year

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Our business talks about our creativity

Another recent creations we have made

Site Management Versions (Aderly)

Rawasy MIT has issued its smart, easy-to-use, well structured, and highly secured program called "Aderly" in three unique versions for sites' management.

Aderly Golden


Aderly Silver

If you want to create a professional interactive website for your medium or large establishment to showcase your services or products in details an.... 

Aderly Elementary


If you want to create a website professionally but with a limited number of pages exceed no more than [10 pages] to introduce either your se....